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Children’s Ministry: Creating a Home for Grace to Grow

BY ELDER ALEX KIM Capital Vision Campaign 2017 ODPC’s Children’s Ministry (CM) consists of all of the ministries for infants and toddlers through 6th grade and is led by Pastor […]

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Meet the People Behind the Scenes

Every Sunday, there are countless individuals who work behind the scenes to help bring church together.  They are the coordinators who direct our welcoming and hospitality teams to greet first-time […]

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The Pastors’ Wives Club

Not the Joy Luck Club or “Eat, Pray, Love”, but the Pastors’ Wives Club (a meeting of pastors’ wives, both seasoned and new, to fellowship together in the spirit of […]

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BY SINHA Do you believe in miracles?  While I believed in miracles, I had my doubts; however, a recent missions trip definitely proved that miracles do happen. Jesus is Lord […]

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Thank You Church! Global Missions Auction Fundraiser

BY TIMOTHY PARK For those who have been attending our church for some time, you are probably aware that we hold our annual Missions Auction in May. Our church members […]

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BY MARTHA PETERSEN Many, many years ago, I was hiking in Hawaii with my coworkers and our students. It was the average, perfect island day, sun shining and slight breezes. […]