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Letter from the Pastor 0

Stories Open Doors

BY PASTOR JOHN CHA Our “To Be Told” conference is starting soon. And as we discuss more about stories at our church, I’m eager to see God open doors in […]

Letter from the Pastor 0

Bearing Fruit

BY PASTOR DAVID CHANG “By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples.” – John 15:8 (ESV, emphasis added) As a […]

From the Editors 2

We, the Elected

BY THE EDITORIAL BOARD On the night of the elections, a close friend of mine posted on his social media that “we certainly live in interesting times … at least […]

From the Editors 0

RE: Getting to Know Pastor David Chang

BY THE EDITORIAL BOARD Pastor David Chang first visited ODPC during his candidacy weekend in mid-May when he delivered a riveting sermon (“Elephant in Chains“) replete with stories of cloud-walking […]

Love Herndon 0

Reflections on Strategic EC-KC Interdependence: The Herndon Food Truck Festival

A Question and Answer, with Deacon Peter Choi of the Korean-speaking congregation (KC), and Tom Lee, Ellis Chang and Jackie Kwon of the English-speaking congregation’s (EC) Love Herndon ministry. Deacon […]

9T5 Ministry 0

For the Life of the World

BY JAMES KIM It’s such a poignant scene–one that we all love and remember. It’s that most-classic and most-masterful of moments among the many indelible final scenes in all of […]